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Many options and choices when it comes to countertops

When it comes to countertops you want something that looks good but is also versatile and durable. Cabinet Works can help you with the right countertops in Billings MT, Hardin MT or Laurel MT. They can also help you with kitchen makeovers, custom cabinetry, appliances and flooring.

When it comes to countertops You have a wide range of choices in terms of materials, style and design. Countertop materials include solid surfacing, granite, quartz, ceramic tile, concrete, wood and laminate. You can also choose from an array or colors, patterns and textures.

Solid surfacing is a stylish blend of raw materials such as acrylic and polyester used to manufacture durable surfaces. They’re highly resistant, renewable and repairable. These surfaces are scratch resistant, stain-resistant and heat-resistant.

Granite is an igneous rock consisting mostly of feldspar and quartz. It is a great product and widely used in the building industry for tiling, backsplashes and countertops. Granite stone countertops have a timeless and natural appearance. Durability as well as an array of color and pattern options makes this a popular choice for countertops.

Quartz is a mineral consisting of silicon dioxide and widely used in the manufacture or countertops. Crushed quartz is combined with a resin to produce countertops. Quartz countertops are strong, hard, flexible and low maintenance.

Wood offers warmth and natural beauty. Maintenance can be an issue but still a good choice for secondary surfaces. Ceramic tile is also a good choice for secondary work surfaces such as islands and counters.

Laminate is budget-friendly and available in many colors and designs. Plastic laminate is made primarily of Kraft paper impregnated with resins and is a surprisingly resilient choice. Plastic laminate is available in hundreds of colors, patterns and textures.

There are many options and choices when it comes to countertops and the experts at Cabinet Works will gladly help you make the right choices.


Carpeting and flooring in Billings, Hardin and Laurel, MT

Carpeting features and benefits

Carpeting remains a favorite flooring choice for many. If you require carpeting in Billings MT, Hardin MT or Laurel MT, then Cabinet Works can help. The also other flooring options such as hardwood, tile, laminate and vinyl.

Carpeting can make any room feel warm and inviting. Carpets are soft underfoot making them nice to walk on. Even kids like to play on carpets. Since carpets are soft they reduce the impact of a fall, thereby minimizing injuries should someone slip and fall. This is especially helpful if you have toddlers.

Carpeting also provides insulation and sound absorption. Carpets offer thermal resistance helping to trap the warmth in winter. This also makes carpeting an energy efficient flooring choice. Noise absorption is a great feature. Modern homes can be noisy and if you live in a multi-level home carpets will absorb sounds such as footsteps.

Beauty and style is one of the main attractions of carpeting. There are literally thousands of carpet styles. Colors and patterns. You can easily find the style and design to suit your home, office, hotel or facility. The warmth and beauty of carpeting can make any room feel more soft and romantic.

Carpeting often costs less than flooring options such as hardwood. The actual cost will depend on the type and make. Most carpets are manufactured using synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester. You can also get carpets that are made from natural fibers such as wool and sisal. Either way, carpets are made in a similar way.

It can be complicated deciding the right type and make because many of them look so similar. Most of us don’t know much about cut pile tuffs, loop pile tiffs, yarns and tufting. But that is why you should speak to flooring experts at Cabinet Works and they will advise you about the pros and cons of each