Billings MT, Laurel MT, Hardin MT Bathroom Remodel

Is your bathroom turning dull and boring day by day? If yes, then what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to revamp it. There are many people who don’t renovate their bathrooms thinking that it’s going to be an expensive affair. But, this is their biggest misconception. Bathroom renovation doesn’t really mean that you have to change all the tidbits of your bathroom. A few changes can work do wonders. For instance, just changing the bathroom floors can change the entire look of the bathroom or adding new bathroom cabinets can change its appearance. So, if you were refraining from bathroom renovation because you thought it’s going to be too heavy for your pockets then don’t. Find a good company that excels at a bathroom remodel and hire them immediately.

If you are thinking that finding a company for the bathroom renovation in Billings MT, Hardin MT or Laurel MT is difficult then you are seriously mistaken. There are many companies that can help you in bathroom remodeling. But one company that outshines other companies is Cabinet Works. And if you are not sure that we are going to stand up to your expectations or not, then here are some points that might change your thoughts.

Why choose Cabinet Works for a bathroom renovation?

  • Cost effective- If you are thinking we are going to provide you bathroom renovation service with a Beverly Hills price tag, then that’s your misconception. We are one of those rare renovation companies that provide quality bathroom remodeling at the most affordable rates. So, don’t worry about money at all.
  • Award winning- Another reason that makes our company stand out in the crowd is because of the numerous awards that we have received till date, that not many companies in Billings MT, Hardin MT or Laurel MT has. Plus, our kitchen and bathroom décor and designs have been featured in various magazines too.
  • Excellent product and service- The products that we use to revamp your bathroom or even kitchen are of high-quality as they are supplied by reputable vendor partners only. And the people we hire are experienced professionals who will always make sure to provide the best service.

If you are quite impressed about our company, please contact us immediately by calling us at (406) 655-8955. We promise to provide high-quality service to you.

Billings MT, Laurel MT, Hardin MT Bathroom Remodel services from Cabinet Works will give you the room of your dreams. Contact us today for details.

Billings MT Flooring from Cabinet Works

Types of flooring option and solutions

If you want great flooring solutions in Billings MT, Hardin MT or Laurel MT, then you need look no further than Cabinet Works. They are home improvement experts and one of their specialities is flooring. They can help you with hardwood, tile, laminate, carpet and vinyl flooring options. They offer flooring products from leading manufacturers such as Shaw, Hallmark and Marazzi.

There are many considerations when deciding the right flooring options for your home. Carpets are generally soft, warm and comforting.  Carpets are also available in a wide variety of styles, colors, patterns and textures. You also get products that help protect your carpets such as Lifeguard and Stain and Soil Resistant Systems. You even get waterproof carpets that prevent water and liquids from penetrating thereby protecting your carpet and sub-floor.

Hardwood floors provide that timeless look and feel and unmatched beauty. Hardwood floors are authentic and add a rich and warm ambiance to a room. Modern wood floor manufacturing techniques are also eco-friendly and sustainable. For example, the Organic 567 Collection are produce from reclaimed. vintage wood and represents the latest in fashion trends. These engineered and hand crafted floors are authentic and rustic and will complement most contemporary designs.

Tile flooring is also a popular option. Tile floors create an impression of grandeur. With Marazzi tile floors you get cutting edge designs, superior quality and alethically pleasing floors. Tile floors are not only beautiful, they are strong, low maintenance, durable and stain resistant.

Vinyl is a popular and cost effective flooring option. Vinyl can mimic the look of hardwood, tile or stone.  Vinyl flooring is durable, flexible, and low maintenance

Whether you want in vinyl flooring in Billings MT, hardwood flooring in Hardin MT or carpeting in Laurel MT, Cabinet Works can help you with the right solution for you and your home.

Billings MT Flooring from Cabinet Works is beautiful and luxurious underfoot. Contact us today for details about flooring from Cabinet Works.



Billings MT Window Treatments from Cabinet Works

Window treatments – options and choices


If you are looking for inspirational window treatments in Billings MT, Hardin MT or Laurel MT, then Cabinet Works can help. They offer the latest designs in superior quality window treatments at cost effective prices. Window treatments include shutters, blinds, curtains and shades in a variety of colors, styles, fabrics and materials.


Window treatments enable you to create a unique ambiance a room. You also have greater over privacy, light and energy efficiency. Some of the min types of window treatments are shades, blinds, fabrics and shutters.


Cellular shades can enhance the aesthetics of any room. You can complement them with curtain or drapes for a luxurious and sumptuous feel. Honeycomb style shades also boos the energy efficiency of you home by retaining heat in winter and keeping heat out during summers. There are several types of shades such as layers, roller, pleated and sheer.


Blinds are another popular type window treatment. You also have a variety of choices including horizontal blinds and vertical blinds. For example, composite blinds and enhance the aesthetics of a room by combining the look and feel of wood with strength and resilience. They are a great substitute for traditional wood blinds especially in humid areas. Shutters also offer window treatment options. You get wood shutters as well as composite shutters.


Drapes are also a popular type of window treatment.  They add beauty and comfort to a room and you can select from a variety of fabrics, styles colors and textures.  You can use designer inspired decorative items to complement your drapes and enhance the appearance and ambiance of a room.


When it comes to window treatments, there is no shortage of ideas and options.  From motorized blinds and shades to energy efficient options, the team at Cabinet Works can help you with the right window treatments for your home.


Billings MT Window Treatments from Cabinet Works are beautiful and affordable. Contact us today for details about window treatments from Cabinet Works!

Billings MT, Hardin MT, Laurel MT Hardwood Flooring

Are you looking for an excellent flooring choice which will be an absolute value for money, then without any hesitation choose hardwood flooring from Cabinet Works. We specialize in a wide array of flooring options with hardwood floor being the highest selling product and for reasons good. No matter you wish to install it at home or at the workplace this will be the right choice. People residing in and around Billings, MT, Hardin, MT and Laurel, MT can make the most of our flooring.
Benefits galore

Below are some good reasons why installing hardwood floors proves to be an intelligent step. These are as follows,

  • As opposed to carpets whose color is likely to fade with time, in case of a hardwood floor it will stay as it is. With the right maintenance and care it will last for multiple generations. The best part is it can be refinished to attain that new look and style
  • In case of a hardwood floor the indoor air quality is definitely better as it does not have any embossing, grout lines or fibers which can trap dust like that of a carpet. In short, it will offer a healthy environment for the sufferers of allergy
  • Hardwood floors are both health friendly and Eco friendly. It can be cleaned simply by mopping, wiping or sweeping with natural products
  • Most importantly, it will boost up the value of the home thereby making it an excellent long-term investment. Real estate experts cite higher prices and a quicker rate of sale during the resale time for a property having a hardwood floor
  • Last but not the least it needs minimal maintenance. Unlike vinyl and carpeting, floors made of hardwood can be refinished instead of requiring any replacement as the finish gets worn out

To know more call us today. Billings MT, Hardin MT, Laurel MT Hardwood Flooring from Cabinet Works is high-quality beauty to behold. Call today for the hardwood flooring of your dreams.


Billings MT, Hardin MT, Laurel MT Bathroom Remodel

Renovating or remodeling the bathroom is amid the common projects which people undertake these days. This space gets ample use and is a significant aspect of the home. In short, it is crucial not to ignore the bathroom. If you wish to reap the benefit of a bathroom remodel, call us at Cabinet Works. We are a licensed and experienced company which means you are under safe hands. Our staffs will guide you all through the process to help you make an informed decision and without burning a hole in the pocket. The areas that we serve include the ins and outs of Billings, MT, Hardin MT and Laurel MT.

The Cabinet Works Difference

When you choose us for remodeling or renovating your bathroom you can enjoy the following set of benefits namely,

  • Newly updated style- you will feel realy great in having a new and nice bathroom. Right from updated and stylish plumbing fixtures, an advanced shower and bathtub model, beautiful tile or natural stone to a soothing paint color stepping into such a bathroom will be a wonderful experience. And this exactly what we can offer you, in fact even more
  • Increase home value- along with helping you to enjoy the updated style a bathroom renovation conducted by our experts will also work wonders on increasing the value of your home should you wish to sell it in the future
  • Go with the trend- by investing in the latest bathroom fixtures you can keep at par with the latest trends that are in vogue and give a modern look to the bathroom
  • Cater your individual lifestyle needs- by giving a makeover to your bathroom you can update this space to cater to your individual lifestyle needs

No matter what requirements you have, we at Cabinet Works can have you covered. To know more call us today. Billings MT, Hardin MT, Laurel MT Bathroom Remodel from Cabinet Works adds style, function, and taste. Call us today!



Custom closets and cabinetry in Billings, Hardin and Laurel, MT

Custom closets and cabinetry are important consideration when it comes to home renovations and improvements. Cabinet Works specialises in custom closets and they can help you with kitchen and bathroom makeovers in Billings MT, Hardin MT and Laurel MT.

You have many options when it comes to custom closets and cabinetry. Cabinetry style plays an important role in any home improvement project, be it a bathroom makeover or a kitchen renovation. You need to decide about size, style, color, finish, accessibility and space utilisation. It is important to decide your cabinetry first and then the complimentary flooring, countertops, appliances and windows.

Vanities and cabinetry are an important part of any bathroom or kitchen renovation. You need to give careful thought to custom closets, cabinetry and vanities when it comes to your bathroom. Custom closets impact the appearance and style of your bathroom. They also play an important role in functionality, accessibility, comfort and convenience. You want custom cabinetry that matches the style of your home and fits your design needs. Whether you have a small bathroom or a big one, the right style and design of custom closets can make a substantial difference to the appearance and functionality of your bathroom.

Custom closets are just as important in the kitchen. You want beauty, style and functionality when it comes to custom kitchen cabinetry and closets. There is no shortage of innovative and smart ideas when it comes to custom closets.  Whether it drawers or slides, recessed panels, raised panel cabinets or an island cabinet, the experts at Cabinet Works will help you with the design, selection and installation of your custom closets and cabinetry. They also work with leading manufacturers of custom closets and cabinetry and these include Dura Supreme, HomeCrest, Mastercraft, Fashion Cabinet, Popular Design and Sage Hill.





Carpeting services in Billings, Hardin and Laurel, MT

Carpeting remains a popular choice when it comes to flooring solutions and for some good reasons. Cabinet Works can help you with carpeting in Billings MT, Hardin MT and Laurel MT.  They specialise in home renovations and improvements including bathrooms, kitchens and flooring.


Carpeting is one of the popular choices when it comes to flooring. According to the trade journal “Floor Covering Weekly,” carpet is still the biggest seller of all flooring types. Carpeting is inexpensive, easy to install and you have an array of choices when it comes to style, colors, patterns and textures. Carpeting is soft to the touch, beautifies a room and provides a sound barrier. If you want to block sound from an upstairs room, carpet it.


You have several choices when it comes to type of carpet. There are many ways to categorise things and carpets are no exception. We can categorise carpets by style, by fabric, by make and so on. There are two main types of carpet style or construction.  This is defined by the way the fibers are attached to the felt.   The one style is loop pile where the fibers are shaped into loops. This type of carpeting in durable and great for high traffic areas. You get Berber or level loop and multi-level loop.


The other main type of carpet construction is cut pile. Cut pile carpets are thicker and softer than loop pile. There are many sub-categories of cut pile carpeting. These include plush. Saxony and frieze. They all have pros and cons and your carpeting consultant will advise you about these. You also get a hybrid of cut and loop pile which combines the best qualities of each style.


Irrespective of style and construction, carpeting will add to the warmth, beauty and elegance of any room.


Flooring options in Hardin, Billings and Laurel, MT

Flooring Ideas to Glamorize Your Kitchen

A perfect kitchen is never complete without appropriate flooring which will not only add elegance but also will be able to withstand the high traffic that is generally there in a kitchen. It should be useful and durable as well. For jazzing up your kitchen space, you can choose flooring options like vinyl, laminate, tiles, etc.

The team of Cabinet Works offers various such options in places like Billings MT, Hardin MT, and Laurel MT. They take care of factors like your lifestyle, the rest of the home interior, etc so that the flooring idea absolutely suits the “heart of your house”. Take a look at three of the best flooring options that we offer.

  • Vinyl flooring – Vinyl is water and stain resistant and thus, is one of the best options for kitchen It is economical and is extremely durable. It is safe for kids and pets and is slip resistant. We offer a wide range of colors and patterns so that you get exactly what you want. Make sure that the flooring is not exposed to extreme weather conditions as it may affect the longevity. Vinyl adds a lot of sophistication to a space.
  • Laminate flooring – Laminate is another great option for kitchen flooring. It has a very shiny and beautiful finish, which is loved by people. We offer a variety of shades and textures to choose from. It is extremely sturdy and has high resistance power against sunlight, scratches and general marks and stains.
  • Tiles as a flooring – Affordable and durable, tile flooring is another option which needs to be mentioned. It is moisture and slip resistant and is extremely common in households of areas like Billings MT, Hardin MT, Laurel MT. We install it in the correct way and make sure that they are sealed perfectly. Here also, you will get plenty of options in terms of colors and designs, to choose from.

So, these are three of the flooring ideas we offer. Contact our team at the earliest so that we can work out the best option for your kitchen.



Bathroom renovations in Billings, Hardin and Laurel, MT

Deck up Your Bathroom with a Customized Vanity

If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, and giving it a complete new look, then you must be looking for a bathroom vanity as well. A beautiful vanity not only adds sophistication but is also extremely useful for storing vanity items. So, when you are investing in your bathroom renovations, it is always better to invest in a customized bathroom vanity than buying a ready-made one.

If you are living in areas like Billings, Hardin or Laurel MT, then you may contact us, the team of Cabinet Works, as we sell several custom made vanities on a daily basis. Our skilled carpenters start working from the scratch, according to your needs. Still in doubt? Take a look at the following reasons which will convince you to get a custom-made vanity.

  • No extra drawers, no less – The belongings of one family may differ from another. While your friend may require six drawers and a huge countertop, you can do with a small one along with four drawers. Firstly, make a checklist of the items you want to keep in your vanity, and then let us know accordingly. So that, there is no unused or shortage of space. We will try our best in order to live up to your expectations.
  • Quality of craftsmanship – Another reason for getting a customized vanity as a part of bathroom renovation is that the quality of craftsmanship differs a lot from “ready to buy” ones that are available in the stores. When you are ordering something that will be custom made as per your requirements, then our designers and carpenters will start from the scratch making sure that the finished product lives up to your expectations.
  • Quality of material – You will get to choose the wood, and you can do that according to your preference and budget. You just do not have to compromise with the quality of the wood. Both the style as well as the quality will depend on your choice. We offer a myriad of options in terms of style, color, additional features, etc. At Cabinet Works, we try our best to understand what a customer needs and work accordingly. We even suggest them ideas which might work better for them.

So, now you know the reasons of getting customized bathroom vanities from us. Don’t delay and contact us if you are living in areas like Billings MT, Hardin MT, and Laurel MT.


Billings, Hardin, Laurel, MT countertops, custom cabinets

Many options and choices when it comes to countertops

When it comes to countertops you want something that looks good but is also versatile and durable. Cabinet Works can help you with the right countertops in Billings MT, Hardin MT or Laurel MT. They can also help you with kitchen makeovers, custom cabinetry, appliances and flooring.

When it comes to countertops You have a wide range of choices in terms of materials, style and design. Countertop materials include solid surfacing, granite, quartz, ceramic tile, concrete, wood and laminate. You can also choose from an array or colors, patterns and textures.

Solid surfacing is a stylish blend of raw materials such as acrylic and polyester used to manufacture durable surfaces. They’re highly resistant, renewable and repairable. These surfaces are scratch resistant, stain-resistant and heat-resistant.

Granite is an igneous rock consisting mostly of feldspar and quartz. It is a great product and widely used in the building industry for tiling, backsplashes and countertops. Granite stone countertops have a timeless and natural appearance. Durability as well as an array of color and pattern options makes this a popular choice for countertops.

Quartz is a mineral consisting of silicon dioxide and widely used in the manufacture or countertops. Crushed quartz is combined with a resin to produce countertops. Quartz countertops are strong, hard, flexible and low maintenance.

Wood offers warmth and natural beauty. Maintenance can be an issue but still a good choice for secondary surfaces. Ceramic tile is also a good choice for secondary work surfaces such as islands and counters.

Laminate is budget-friendly and available in many colors and designs. Plastic laminate is made primarily of Kraft paper impregnated with resins and is a surprisingly resilient choice. Plastic laminate is available in hundreds of colors, patterns and textures.

There are many options and choices when it comes to countertops and the experts at Cabinet Works will gladly help you make the right choices.