Quartz Countertops and Flooring in Laurel, Billings, Hardin MT, and Surrounding Areas

Although granite is a top favorite when it comes to countertops, but of late it has a contender and it is none other than quartz. Owing to its growing demand we at Cabinet Works offer quartz countertops in different shades and finishes. These countertops will offer you beauty, durability and strength. If you live in any part of Billings, MT, Hardin, MT or Laurel, MT you can make the most of our countertops.

Good Reasons to Invest in These Countertops

  • Almost Indestructible- It is manufactured in such a way that it is almost indestructible. We will always offer you with a manufacturing warranty.
  • Non porous- Engineered quartz unlike marble and granite is non porous and the credit for this goes to its manufacturing process.
  • Incredibly Durable- Its durability indeed is its biggest assets. Countertops made of quartz can resist stains and corrosion from oils, liquids and household cleaning solutions.
  • Excellent Design Possibilities- For creative countertops, quartz will be the right choice. It is flexible, which means you can fix it with epoxy rather than screws. So you can use these countertops for back splashes, shower enclosures and walls that does not have visible seams.
  • Variety- These countertops come in assorted colors right from a solid color to a natural shade. Pigment can be mixed with the crushed quartz and resin to compliment the kitchen or bathroom completely.
  • Low Maintenance- If you are looking for a countertop that needs low maintenance then quartz is the right pick for you. As it has a non porous nature and made using resin and ground quartz it will not require being sealed.

In short, our expertise in countertops made of quartz is unmatched. To learn more about our products call us at (406) 6558955 or share your doubts and queries through mail at customerservice@kitchenofdreams.com. Hurry, book your appointment now.

Quartz Countertops and Flooring in Laurel, Billings, Hardin MT. Offering Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Granite Countertops, Kitchen Design & Remodel, Window Treatments & Blinds.